Make your own garlic and onion powders…whoop whoop!!!!


Goodbye Trusty Hamilton…

Well, today good ol Trusty Hamilton decided he was gonna go out on me…it’s been a tough few weeks lots of different things happening in this here Universe.  But…things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes we gotta let things go…they may have a purpose somewhere else!!!  Now I have no choice but to stay out in the woods and make art and dream!!!  And maybe now I’ll get to see more of the people I love because they will have to come and get me…How cool is that?  You carted me around Los Angeles, you housed me when crazy boyfriends kicked me out in the street with no wallet or shoes, you even came with a gorgeous little prince puppy Hamilton who I named you after, you protected all my expensive stuff cause I knew no one would want to steal you, and you took me back to WI where you kept me safe while I was sliding into the ditch from driving too fast in the snow, thanks to you I also got out of few speeding tickets due to your poor appearance, I guess they felt sorry for us. Suckers!   Ha ha!!!  You will make excellent scrap or maybe even a bad ass race car body!!!  Or maybe some crazy artistic garden or dog house?  Who knows little buddy!  Just know that I appreciate, love and thank you!    403192_10150650310403228_26766815_n

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