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Dreamcatchers are here!

Cass and I have been having a blast out in the woods discovering how to make these dreamcatchers.  Her first one turned out beautifully…I had to unravel mine after it got too intricate…but I think for our first time we didn’t do bad of a job by golly!!!      They are for sale and made to order…let us know what color you like and prayers you need and we’ll say ’em while we make em’!!   Dreams are super important, so catch ’em if you can!!!                                                       10965300_10153044450585853_95419790_ndreamcatch1dean2210904884_10153044450875853_595868173_n

So true!

Sometimes difficult to do but so true!!!                                                                                  10393972_521004168042873_8367247320512142305_n

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