I liked St. Petersburg.  Well Fort De Soto to be exact.  I’m not much for the touristy thing… St. Pete’s Beach was pretty crowded…full of cabanas and lots of white people.  I was there for a ritzy wedding though so it is what it is.  The view was incredible from the Grand Plaza Resort.  Which is why we were there…If I ever go again, I’ll be taking a tent or driving an rv to kick it.  Super rad that Uber drove us there as well.  My bestie and I made barnacle man…we thought we were super fly on this private part of the island, turned out we were just douchebags disturbing a natural bird preserve.  We had to wade across this little channel to get out of the spot too. My travel friend Mercy was a bit scared that we’d get swept away…The DNR was waiting for us on the other side. Glad he was doing his job to protect the birds. At first though we thought he was concerned about our safety. https://youtu.be/5bzSLPuYOlUmerc4j3#aimeechenal #buttercreamproductions #st.petersburghttps://youtu.be/5bzSLPuYOlU


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