Yeah thanks to the riDICKulous training of Pornography where Women and Men get paid to pretend…dominate each other instead of create something together….we normal people get robbed all the time…Thank You Facebook for your enlightenment…and Thanks to my awesome friends who are not afraid to share this useful information about this Sacred Medicine…on another note…HAVE YOUR CHILDREN SPADE OR NEUTERED…if they aren’t going to be consciously aware of their bodies or their female counterparts…It’s no wonder to me that a lot of my smart Women friends are not married or having children…It’s almost POINTless…Wake up! Do you open your eyes …do you look at your partner and ask questions? You are not the teacher sorry!!! Maybe one day classes will be offered in schools on real life…so we can actually connect the way we can possibly…cosmically…or just be separated into baby makers and killing machines for the gov’ment to bank off of….HUMBUG!!!!! #consciouscock #aimeechenal #yonimassage #yoni #shepersisted


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