So the winterizing process is surely underway…Just crawled out from under the trailer covered in itchy stuff!  But…it’s done!!!  Again, mad props to the people who do this on a regular basis…Wow!  I even figured out how to take apart the staple gun without shooting myself.  I am not a fan of pipewrap insulation…it falls apart while you’re using it…I like the foam stuff though that you just cut to size and slip on.   Right before that I received a phone call from Mr. Mark Stoner of Savage Arts that he has just been hired to be the recreation guy at the tribal center.  So, he can quit his cooking job!!  And make his art, inspire people and instill healthy programs!!   Such good news!!!  Pretty much his dream job happening now!!  I also heard back from the Creek and I’m going to start bartending there on Tuesdays night will be alright I suppose.  Right by my house, free dinner and a steady paycheck.  After this cup of chaga tea medicine, I think I’ll try and wash some of these fiberglass off and head to the Creek for the online bartending test.  I slid by four years for long enough without one…oh well.


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