So, I’m super grateful for all the gifts of life today.  I went to Marjorie’s this morning for a visit and there for me was a bag of clothes from Julie.  Two pairs of perfectly fitting jeans.  I couldn’t be luckier!!! Also a Wonder Woman Onesie that looks super warm!  Tavis gave me some extra insulation he had laying around so I can stuff under the trailer… I gave myself some chaga which tasted great even without the maple syrup!  A beautiful warm fall day, it was in the 70’s!  I got a little jaunt in the woods upon leaving Siren to see if there were more turkey tails but alas no, I had picked most of them.  I will check again in a couple of weeks.  Got some wonderful physical excersise hauling the logs out that my Daddio cut for me…Super blessed I am!!!  It appears that Olive’s ear mite situation is getting better too…Grateful as well for the motivation to write on the script too…it’s turning out well!  Love love love!


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