Another day in Hollywoods

Today was quite a lovely day.  Woke up at Cass’s cabin on Spirit Lake after a magical night lookin’ at the stars, playing ghosts in the graveyard with the kids, talkin’ to one of the sould sisters.  I slept very comfortably wrapped in the blankets of my loved ones.  One of Marjorie’s, Monty’s and my Momma.  Nothing better than that I say.  Went to the bakery and got some coffee and doughnuts, then met my Dad and Missy out at the trailer to begin to work.  I started chopping some wood this morning before my Dad got there and accidentally hit myself in the ankle with the ax.  That hurt!!!  I’ve been off kilter all day.   Twins with my Dad since he has a bad knee…Hoping it heals up soon, I have a lot to do this week to get ready for winter!!  At least I can plastic the windows myself…I learned how to seal leaks on a tin roof today as well.  Gooey tar.  I will have to get some more of that in the next couple of days at the hardware store…I’m a regular lately.  Found out that we have to get a new sewer pump…that will be good…won’t be something I have to pull out of the sess pool… Saving money is great, but some things are worth paying for although it’s super exciting to see my poo in all stages and to appreciate what some people’s jobs are.  I took a three hour nap after they left…had some interesting dreams about driving around L.A. with Paulie…now I’m working on some chaga tea in the crockpot…lots of projects I can work on as well.   Maybe I’ll build a dream catcher and think about my script or work on writing some music.  Gotta love that attention span!!!!  Just saw this super inspiring video of Mr. Rodgers speaking to the Senate…I totally agree with him…


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